Recycling & Garbage

The township of Mount Olive, in which your complex is located, requires recycling of mixed aluminum, glass, and plastic, as well as paper and cardboard. Recycling must be placed separately in the designated containers, which are clearly marked. Recycling is picked up Wednesday and Thursday of each week.

Household trash should be placed in the receptacles marked for garbage. The waste is collected on Tuesday and Friday of each week.


Only private passenger automobiles may be parked at the complex. Parking is limited as per section 39.(f) of your lease. All visitor vehicles parking for longer than 3 days are required to have an authorized parking permit. Parking is designated to parking areas only; no vehicle shall be parked on any lawn, sidewalk or other non-designated areas. Vehicles not following these rules may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Tenant’s property

All personal belongings must be kept within the apartment at all times. No items are to be stored outside or in common areas. There will be a disposing fee of $350 for personal property that must be removed by our staff and no warnings will be given.

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